Empowering girls through

outdoor adventure


elevateHER uses a holistic approach to programming- caring for each girl's mind, body, and soul.

All components work together to build a foundation for each girl to lead successful and fulfilling lives. 

Life today can be hectic and stressful, many of us have developed tools haphazardly in which to cope. elevateHER will teach the girls various ways in which to cope with today's stressful society. The primary mode in which this will be accomplished is through teaching yoga and meditation two to four times a month.

Outdoor activities play an integral role in elevateHER's programming- it will be used as the tool in which to teach leadership and build relationships among the girls. Outdoor sports will include rafting, rock climbing, mountain biking, skiing, and snowshoeing.


elevateHER focuses on each girl's mind through teaching new skills. Focus on skill training include integrating leadership into all physical activities, building self-esteem, discussing body image, and learning coping methods.

There are many layers of mentoring built into elevateHer. First, all activities are taught by experienced women within the community. There are also Outdoor Mentors at all activities of a ration of 1:5. Second, the high school girls will mentor girls from the middle school after building a foundation in mind, body,  and soul. Last, each season, elevateHER girls will participate in an outdoor activity with girls in 3rd to 5th grade.