Empowering girls through

outdoor adventure


Top 3 Reason's Kids Don't Get Outside in Chaffee County

  • Lack of Financial Means
  • Lack of Proper Gear
  • Lack of Technical Skill

1.) Rafting/ Stand Up Paddle Boarding

2.) Rock Climbing

3.) Mountain Biking


The mission of elevateHER is to empower young women through building confidence, instilling leadership skills and growing individual fortitude through outdoor adventure and mentoring.



ElevateHER foresees a group of strong, confident young women who in turn empower other young women by teaching them invaluable skills such as confidence, inner-strength, mindfulness, and empathy through outdoor adventures thus giving these young women a foundation to lead successful lives. 

Top 3 Sports Girls Want to Learn in Chaffee County


The purpose of elevateHER is to invest in the next generation of women and enable them to be strong, confident, self-aware, through empowering the young women to take on any challenge while building an appreciation and love for outdoor adventure.